Health and Aged Care

Uplifting and comfortable spaces to encourage wellbeing.

At COVRD, we understand the importance of well designed health and aged care environments to support wellbeing and improve health outcomes.

Our high performance textile and flooring options are designed to play a key role in creating a comfortable and healing environment through uplifting colours and textures, while also being functional and durable. Many are proven to withstand the rigours of health and aged care environments — meeting stringent infection control requirements and achieving environmental certifications.

We would recommend browsing our range of stain resistant and easy to clean textiles and vinyls, low VOC resilient flooring, and non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic acoustic treatments below when designing for these spaces.

We believe in taking a human-centred approach and would love to work with you to create an uplifting and comfortable space that encourages the wellbeing of those that live and work within.

Shaw Contract combines the expertise of the world’s largest carpet manufacturer and recycler with local knowledge to offer commercial carpet tile, broadloom and resilient floor coverings ideal for designing healthy, easy to maintain, and great looking care environments.

Carpet tile

Designed to be safe and sustainable, Shaw’s EcoWorx carpet tile backing offers significant environmental advantages, by using 40% less energy to produce and weighing 40% less than traditional carpet tile — making it more efficient to transport and easier to install. EcoWorx has 8x greater tear strength, 5x greater tensile strength, and 2x greater delamination strength compared to PVC backing. It also has an impervious barrier, which when used with LokDots adhesive and one coat of Mapei 1K turbo sealer it allows for:

  • no moisture barrier for new or green slabs
  • reduction of chemicals, by reducing the amount of adhesive
  • easy pull up, removal and replacement of infected carpet tiles.


Shaw Contract has a huge range of LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) to choose from, mimicking real stone and timber. They are extremely versatile and warm underfoot, as well as being durable and waterproof. 

They also offer an extensive vinyl sheet range, including both homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl sheet flooring. Homogenous sheets are made of a single vinyl layer that offers vibrancy and depth of color, while being stain resistance and durable enough to use in high traffic areas.  Heterogeneous sheets are a multi-layer vinyl with a printed top layer providing endless design possibilities, lasting performance and low maintenance cost. The large collection features a range of patterns and colourways to suit any project.

  • E.g. Abide & Inhabit – natural materials are the inspiration for interiors where durability, practicality, and resilience are all linked to successful outcomes. Influenced by soothing Scandinavian design principles, the wood visuals of the coordinating collections are clean and natural with a less-is-more minimalism. Designed for seamless transitions between LVT and sheet, Abide & Inhabit create a cohesive flooring system. To truly inhabit a space, you need a sense of well-being, a sense of familiarity, that comforting combination of inspiration and restoration that allows us to thrive. Abide LVT is available In Stock, In Australia.


Shaw Contract’s versatile and extensive range of broadloom carpet means more freedom of design. Broadloom would be a suitable choice for Aged Care facilities, in reception areas, activity zones and certain patient rooms.


Instyle’s huge range of upholstery vinyls are waterproof, easy to clean and bleach resistant — they can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water, or disinfected with bleach for a more thorough clean. The woven fabric backing provides additional stability for increased durability and longevity in high traffic areas, such as hospital waiting rooms and foyers.

  • E.g. Kudos – a contemporary high-performance indoor vinyl with a versatile woven texture.

Moisture Barrier Fabrics

Instyle’s Crypton or Zepel Fabrics’ FibreGuard Pro textiles are ideal for healthcare settings and can be used for loose and built in seating applications. Performance wise, the laminated or woven in moisture barrier and anti-microbial finish ensures permanent protection against stains, fungus, bacteria and mildew. They are easy to keep hygienically clean and the fabric will retain its appearance. Cryptons and FibreGuard Pro have many environmentally friendly properties, such as being low VOC and not containing any hazardous chemicals.

High-performance soft furnishing textiles

There are many soft furnishings suitable for curtain, privacy screen and bedspread applications. See Curtaining above.

Instyle offers Type II wallcoverings that are durable, cleanable, and suitable for high traffic areas and some also offer antimicrobial or antibacterial properties and can be bleach cleaned.

  • E.g.  Mandalay – an elegant high performance wallcovering with an understated natural texture, ideal for high traffic environments.

Sheers and Curtaining

  • FR-One Fabrics from Zepel Fabrics are the gold standard for fire retardant safety. Fire retardant fabrics won’t propagate the spread of flames, meaning they will assist in containing flames with self-extinguishing characteristics. All FR-One fabrics are high-performance, tested for durability, colour fastness, stability and strength. They are all fully washable and have sound absorption properties. FR-One is available in an extensive range of designs and colours.
  • James Dunlop Group have a Custom Print Range as well as sheers, velvets and linen-look drapery options that meet FR rating criteria.

Reusable curtains

Incorporating reusable woven curtains within a healthcare setting provides multiple benefits — it improves patient comfort, reduces costs, decreases waste and provides a more sustainable option to single-use disposable curtains.

Curtain / Privacy Screen / Bedspread

The Instyle Health collection includes soft furnishings suitable for curtain, privacy screen and bedspread applications, which are:

  • Reversible designs ideal for privacy screens
  • Fire tested to AS/NZS 1530.3 and AS/NZS 3837
  • Engineered to withstand hospital and healthcare laundry and performance standards with a wash temperature of up to 75-80°C.

Example palette for aged care

Health and aged care palette


FibreGuard Pro Spartacus in Flax
Instyle Omni vinyl in Sanctuary

Zepel Fabrics Umbra curtains in Fog

Shaw Contract Kusa carpet tile in Dragonfly

Instyle Ecoustic Timbre acoustic wall panel in Heritage


Shaw Contract Hana broadloom in Sky

Instyle Saigon wallpaper in Pewter and Breezy Blue

Dining room

Zepel Fabrics Rhyme sheers in Ecru

Dining chairs
Instyle Zone vinyl in Cruising

Shaw Contract Solitude LVT in Natural

Instyle Saigon wallpaper in Breezy Blue and Pewter
Instyle Ecoustic Timbre acoustic wall panel in Rural


Instyle Ecoustic Timbre acoustic wall panel in Rural

FibreGuard Pro Heston in Thyme

Shaw Contract Linen carpet tile in Timeless
Shaw Contract Welcome II carpet tile for entrance in Portabella

Sofas and occasional chairs
FibreGuard Pro Sultan in Almond


Instyle Parade vinyl in Jazz

Zepel Retreat block out in Cloud

Instyle Coast Crypton in Voyage
Instyle Haven vinyl in Bliss

Shaw Contract Inhabit sheet in Sesame Oak

Instyle Saigon wallpaper in Smoke Gray


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