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At COVRD, we understand that the design of an educational institution is paramount in creating a successful learning environment. 

These days, schools and universities want to embrace colour and create sophisticated spaces that elevate image and lay the foundation for learning. 

Our commercial interior coverings offer a huge choice of colour and design options, so you can explore wayfinding solutions or create schemes to complement school crests or house colours. The opportunities are endless!

From the durable flooring choices that inspire learning to the acoustic treatments used to control noise, we can find the right solution for your project needs.

As a sustainably-minded business, we choose to work with products and brands that focus on people and planet first — setting the stage to support the next generation of innovators and leaders.


  • Ecoustic Soffit from Instyle is made from the Ecoustic Felt (34 colours) with a white or black sound-absorbent core detail, available in two high-performing, sound-absorbing thicknesses: 25mm and 50mm.
  • Instyle offers a range of drop-in ceiling tiles — including award-winning Ecoustic Sculpt — for ease of installation and superior sound absorption. Ceiling Edit has just been released with four unique designs.

Wall / Window

  • Instyle’s Atelier Acoustic Drapery and Feel Acoustic Drapery can be used as acoustic drapery to help reduce unwanted reverberation whilst softening sound within a space. Atelier has an NRC rating of 0.4 and can contribute to several Green Star and WELL criteria, and Feel has an NRC rating of 0.8 and contributes to several Green Star, LEED and WELL criteria.
  • Ecoustic wall panels from Instyle Australia are made from Ecoustic Felt with a white or black sound-absorbent core details, available in four sound absorbing thicknesses, 8mm, 13.5mm and high-performing 25mm and 50mm. View all acoustic panels for wall applications here.
  • Ecoustic Velour Panel from Instyle is an acoustic panel available in four sound absorbing thicknesses, achieving between NRC 0.3 – 1.0, with a hook and loop receptive velour surface, perfect for early childhood centres or special needs environments where pins are not suitable.

Carpet tile

Shaw Contract carpet tiles are easy to install and maintain in high traffic areas, and due to the soft material composition they create quieter and less distracting workplace environments. Their In Stock Australia program ensures more than 200,000 square metres of carpet tile and resilient products are available for immediate despatch.


Shaw Contract’s education LVTs boast superior durability with an ExoGuard finish adding resistance to staining and abrasion, making it durable for demanding environments. The polish-optional finish can also reduce the cost of annual maintenance.

Tretford 2m Roll and 500mm x 500mm Tile 

The inherent properties of Tretford’s natural carpets improve air quality, acoustics and contribute towards energy savings. Goat hair is one of the toughest natural carpet fibers available, which contributes to its incredible longevity and durability even in the most demanding environments.

Choose from a design collection or create your own unique design — in any size or shape — from 60 different colours for your space. We also offer a shorter lead time than most custom rug products.

Tretford Roll + Tile


Instyle’s range of upholstery vinyls are waterproof, easy to clean and bleach resistant — they can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water, or disinfected with bleach for a more thorough clean. The woven fabric backing provides additional stability for increased durability and longevity in high traffic areas, such as classrooms or libraries.


Instyle’s crypton textiles are ideal for educational settings and can be used for upholstery, screen or wall applications. Performance wise, the moisture barrier finish ensures permanent protection in resisting stains, fungus, bacteria and mildew. They are easy to keep hygienically clean and the fabric will retain its appearance. Cryptons have many environmentally friendly properties, such as being low VOC and not containing any hazardous chemicals. (Please check stock)

FibreGuard Pro

An anti-microbial solution is applied to the fabric during production, resulting in protection from accidental spills for the life of the fabric. The fabric is still flexible, breathable, and fully washable. FibreGuard Pro is OEKO-TEX certified so no harmful chemicals are released into the world. 

Example education palette

Administration building

Instyle Ecoustic 25mm Soffit in Light Grey

FibreGuard Pro Combo in Spa

Shaw Contract Compound LVT in Elevate
Tretford Custom Rug in Wild Rice


Instyle Ecoustic Blade wall panel in Spotted Gum

Shaw Contract Intention carpet tile in Lacquer

Instyle Buzz vinyl in Electric

Instyle Ecoustic Matrix tile in Taupe and Spray


Instyle Ecoustic 25mm Soffit in White
Instyle Ecoustic Ceiling Edit Dot 12mm drop-in ceiling tile in Snowdrop

Shaw Contract Poured carpet tile in Aquamarine
Shaw Contract Flat Weave carpet tile in Silver


Shaw Contract Cast LVT in Suspend

Learning Hub / Library

Shaw Contract Engage carpet tile in Clarity Lime

Instyle Zone vinyl in Alpine and Twilight
Instyle Calibre in Paramount

Instyle Ecoustic 8mm Panel in Spray


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