Fermentation workshop

Last week we hosted a fermentation workshop as a thank you to our valued clients for their ongoing support this year. We called on Kristen Pavez, wholefoods educator and mindset mentor, to take us through how to make nutrient dense kimchi, probiotic rich sauerkraut and collagen boosting bone broth. It was a delicious challenge!

Kristen Pavez and COVRD Director Tim Stacey kick things off.

We chose this kind of workshop because one of our COVRD brand values is that we are a sustainably minded business using our knowledge and influence to make a difference — which to us means advocating for people and the environment in business and aligning ourselves with sustainably focused companies who pave the way for innovative and sustainable design.

Kristen’s goal and passion is to teach us how to live a healthier life, through simple swaps in your diet, home, and personal mindset, which she does through community workshops, corporate health cooking classes, and mindset coaching sessions. We thought her workshops would be the perfect fit for our thank you event.

Our architect and interior designer clients work hard — we have been blown away by what has been produced in Perth this year, and also what is to come. The past few months in particular have been extremely busy in our industry and when you are time poor it can easy to neglect yourself and your health. We wanted to put self-care back on the agenda and spend the evening discovering ways to nurture and support our health and wellbeing.

Massage that cabbage.

As a business, we are driven by our passion for making a positive impact and we want to empower our clients to make informed choices. We put a lot of emphasis on material health and also thought about how that might translate into taking care of ourselves and our overall health.

We are also very proud of our corporate partnership with Shaw Contract — designers and manufacturers of commercial flooring products to create better, fairer futures. Shaw Contract sponsored the event and kindly provided goodie bags featuring items like reusable cup holders and eco notebooks for our guests.

Like us, Shaw is a human-centric, people-powered organisation. They believe people and planet are fundamentally connected — that our social and environmental initiatives are linked.

This pledge is backed by several points of ambition, including Material Health and Carbon Impact. If you want to know more, you can visit the Shaw website or book one of our sales consultants in for a presentation via contact@covrd.com.au.