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Church St Opening

It was a balmy Friday evening, early March 2020..the eski’s were brimming with ice and bottles, the DJ was spinning vinyl, the grazing table looked almost too good to eat, and we frocked up in our warehouse attire. The office and warehouse space of COVRD & Humanscale looked as schmick as it ever has.  

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Acoustic FAQs

Sound absorptive acoustic products are necessary to control reverberated noise in building interiors to allow occupants to communicate clearly and be comfortable in an interior environment. Poor acoustics can negatively affect productivity, mood, health and enjoyment of being in a space.

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Room acoustics for offices

“I currently work in a cubicle – my neighbours are a man in the midst of a divorce, a woman with a problem child, another woman with an elderly parent who should be in a care facility. The only cure for my personal hell would be a quiet room with a door. Perhaps my employer would then get his money’s worth from my workday … Did I mention that I am across from the copier?” Sound Matters: How to Achieve Acoustic Comfort in the Contemporary Office

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